NME improvements

Hi there,

May I ask for some improvements for NME?

  1. Please add a node search function. So you can, via hotkey, open a small search window and start typing to search among ALL nodes available. That is super handy, like the Node Editor in MAYA, or the same concept in Blender or Nuke

  2. Please add UNDO feature. Working inside NME is like walking on eggs, you do it super carefully because you know there is NO way back!

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:


Hello! I moved the topic to Feature Requests just for us to be able to find it easier later :slight_smile: We do want to add support to these two things, as @PatrickRyan can attest, we just need to have some time for it. Thank you very much for your suggestions, it’s very important the community speaks about what they need so we can plan the next release accordingly :beers:


@joie, we have both of those features in our backlog. For the time being, you can still use the search feature in the node list. It sits at the top of the list and is labeled Filter.


While this search feature isn’t a quick as launching a search on key click at your mouse position, it can help. And an undo stack is needed for all of our tools, so we are trying to approach this in a strategic way so that we can use it across tools. These will come but we cannot put a timeline on it yet.