When will we release the new version of NME?

better have built-in PBR support.
if V2 is still far, can we have a bit enhancement for the current NME?

  • longer max chars for the HTML Input. (currently I can only input 0.01)
  • NODE has default value for a slot. (for example MULTIPLY node, I can set a value directly in the setting panel for the second slot instead of connecting to a CONST)
  • better appearance or flag for Node type (I mean if I change the name of the Node, then I don’t know what the Node type is later except inspecting in the setting panel)
  • shortcut keys, for example: press on M and mouse left click to create MULTIPLY node, every time to do ‘search -> drag’ is a bit redundant.
  • custom node: function.
  • when drag and moving the window better to auto scroll.

great tool!!! thanks so much for your effort!

Some of this like the custom node is coming in the 4.1 release.

The shortcut thing would be cool, but should function like substance designer node or Zbrushes brush menu something where you enter a AJAX search that starts updating the node list as you type characters.

the HTML input stuff we can fix EZPZ I’m surprised that has not come up before.

Default values on empty nodes that require a value on that port would be cool too like you are saying I think some of them might already have that capability (but I might be mistaken) and if not then I’m sure that will be worked in onb 4.1

If you understand whats going on under the hood feel free to submit a PR or two with the revisions on the nodes that you want and I sure @Deltakosh will be happy to take a look at your suggestions and will incorporate any that fit well with his plans!

and is don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about how to do any of that, the more competent people working on the problem/upgrades the better.

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yes! I’d be happy to contribute code for this project, I’ll do this later once I’m faimiliar enough with it.

You are more than welcome :slight_smile:

The current version of NME is what will be available with 4.1 (end of feb). Then we will work on 4.2 which will introduce a lot of changes: Node Material Editor - vNext · Issue #6872 · BabylonJS/Babylon.js · GitHub

Regarding PBR nodes, this will be the first task of @sebavan for 4.2 :wink:


First after a bit of WebGPU upgrades.