New features for NME

Hey team! It’s been a while :slight_smile:

I’ve just pushed some updates for NME that you may like.

The first one is the ability to move a node over a wire and the system will try to connect it:

Then you have ALT+delete a node that will try to reconnect the wires:

Another new one is to hold ALT while clicking on an input/output. In this case the wire is disconnected from that input/output but still attached to the mouse so you can move the connection elsewhere. This eliminates the need to select a wire, press delete and then drag a new wire to a different input/output:

Now, if you use CTRL when clicking on an input/output, we make a new wire connection to the other end of that wire in essence duplicating the previous wire to be connected to a new input/output:

And last but not least, you can now hit SPACE to get a new UI to add node at your fingertips:

Hope you folks like it!


Love it! When will NME support writing webgpu compute shaders?

great updates , I just started playing with NME for the first time the other day , fantastic tool.

many thanks