"no buffer is bound to enabled attribute" issue

In some specific mesh I got a WebGL (shader ?) issue:
no buffer is bound to enabled attribute
WebGL: too many errors, no more errors will be reported to the console for this context.

Actually when rendering some specific mesh (using a diffuse texture with uvs) among the first meshes of a scene, it shows correctly, but when dragged, all the other meshes disappear during its drag and nevertheless reappear correctly afterwards (at mouse up event).
The app is quite complex so I have designed a playground similar and simulated situation displaying a mesh with a diffuse texture and following the same scheme for rendering : At each frame the mesh, as a custom mesh, is updated in re-affecting its vertexdata.
On the playground I do not get apparently any webGL issue, nevertheless on Safari it works as expected : for a while the mesh above the textured mesh, vibrates from some time (1000 frames ie a few seconds) and then the vibration is suspended; and it starts again after 1000 frames etc…
What is strange is that on Chrome it starts correctly, the vibration goes and stops but never starts again. The same happens on Firefox.
In addition it runs from 3 to 4 time faster on Safari than on Chrome. Strange is’n-it?

The play ground is at https://playground.babylonjs.com/#Z4RNMH#22

Hello (et bienvenue :))

I don’t know how it could work in Safari actually :smiley:
You forgot to restore count to 0 when count1000 === 2 * borne: