BabylonJS Broken on iPad safari browser? (when WebGL 2.0 is enabled)

BabylonJS is unable to run when I enable WebGL 2.0. I understand it is an experimental feature on iOS.
Without WebGL 2.0 I’m having issues with the depth buffer. Any Ideas?

I’m testing on an iPad Pro.
Model #: ML0R2CL/A
iOS 12.2


Unfortunately safari does not support webGL2 (and this is not ready to change if you want my thoughts)

What issue do you have with depth buffer with webgl1?

I’d like to clarify BabylonJS actually causes a crash in Safari when WebGL 2.0 is enabled. I get the following message: "A problem repeatedly occured on "".

With WebGL 1.0:
I have a room that is 6096 units across. I am having materials flicker which I believe have to do with the depth buffer.

I found out the issue. This was the offending code:

private modify_engine_due_to_webgl_version(engine: BABYLON.Engine) {

    if (this.webgl_version === WEBGL_VERSION.V1) {
        engine.getCaps().highPrecisionShaderSupported = false;


I turned off highPrecisionShaderSupported if WebGL 1.0 . This caused the flickering issue with materials on safari. I turned it off due to a samsung device(with no gpu) having a similar issue presented in this thread mesh rendered black on android models - Questions & Answers - HTML5 Game Devs Forum .

I guess WebGL 1.0 is an incorrect check. What would a reasonable check be to determine if highPrecisionShaderSupported should be true/false?

this value is filled by the system actually. I mean that we are not generating it but instead we ask the system to see if this is supported:

Okay thanks.