No metalness with glTF export from Max Physical Materials

Hi there,

I’m using the Babylon.js exporter in Max 2021 for models with PBR textures from Substance Painter. This is with Max physical materials.

The problem I’m having is that metalness isn’t working as expected. The metal in question is bright aluminum, which in Substance Painter has a white basecolor. When viewed in our AR app though, the item which should be metal is just white.

The metalness map works in USDZ (from Substance) and is just white areas designating metal from non-metal.

I have this in the metalness slot of the Max physical material. Normally I don’t use the Max physical material as I’m a VRAY user, but it seems reasonable to have the metalness map in the metalness slot as one would expect for a PBR workflow.

Any idea what’s going wrong?


Pinging @Guillaume_Pelletier

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did you had a look on this documentation

Thanks for linking that.

I am using the same size map for both Roughness (G) and Metalness (B) so I don’t see why they wouldn’t be merged successfully. I’m just getting a pure white non-material in the viewer. Any ideas what this could be? Texture size is 4k.

could you send me a scence sample with your texture set. Is the result is also white into Babylon Viewer?

Hi Guillaume,

I’m going to follow the manual and see if I can get a better result. I really should have been looking at this the whole time. I didn’t expect such good documentation. Thanks so much for linking that. :slight_smile: Already getting better metal now that I was able to add my AO map to diffuse roughness!

I can’t share the files but if I get stuck I can take some generic screenshots of my material setup (compact editor). Thanks again!

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