No skyphere Babylonjs

I want the sky to be in the scene and I want it to be in the sky ball, but doesn’t BBL seem to have a sky ball in it?

anything can be a skycube if you are brave enough.

No, you misunderstood me. Shouldn’t the sky ball only need one texture?You just changed the way it was created, but the material still needs 6 images

  • Can you offer this style sky material

You can simply create a dome and apply a sky texture.

I think it is not the reason of how to create, but the problem of material, cubetexture, which is the cube mapping, so no matter what object to create, you need to paste 6 pictures

Your post “No skyShpere Babylonjs”, a sphere is not a box that uses 6 textures., A sphere is only one textures.

You want a skyBox or skySphere/skyDome

A skyBox, you will need 6 textures
A skyDome, you will need 1 texture. But you have to create it yourself.

I do not see where your problem is.

yes, I just want to know how to create a dome and apply a texture

It’s very easy. Use MeshBuilder for create the Dôme and add a texture simply.

In this PG, I put a grass texture, you just have to put a sky texture of your choice and you have a skyDome

Yes,i agues

You’re welcome

Why would you want to do this though? It creates so much polar distortion, you should just do this:

Sorry, I can’t convert panorama into empty box all day. If you can share with me some pictures I sent to you before, I will be very grateful