Node Editor Vector2/Mesh attribute uv3?

Hello everyone,

I just started checking out the Babylon JS Editor v4.0. beta Version. As an Artist I have to say, the editor works really great and makes a lot of fun. I just watched the new Youtube video setting up own pbr-Materials in the node editor. It´s working great. Unfortunately my coding skills are very bad.
Is it possible to somehow set the Vector 2 node as a mesh attribute to use UV Channel 3?
I don´t even know how to view the nodes code and also doubt I would be able to implement it myself.
In the texture options there is the value Coordinate Index, wich I assume is the same thing as UV channel. I can set this to any number I want so I wanted to ask if it is possible in the node editor.

Another question would be that a lot of options in the scene rendering Tab don´t work (anymore).
On the bottom I get: An error occured: Cannot read property ´toneMappingEnabled´of null.

Help would be very appreciated.



Hello and welcome!

Adding @julien-moreau to receive all the credits for the Editor.

Regarding the node editor: it only supports uv1 and 2 if you use the UI but it can support more with a tiny amount of user code (but it feels like this is not your way ;))

Hello and thanks for friendly welcome,

yeah, code is not really my way, but I am willing to learn.
Maybe making the third UV Channel work is a good and not to difficult place to start. :slight_smile:

BTW: Since I got the error in the Rendering PostProcess tab: Do the screenspace reflection currently work? I can set them on or off but nothing really changes. The scene is lit with an HDR .env environment (converted through sandbox) and all materials are pbr.

I let Julien comment on the error :slight_smile:
A good doc to start reading for NME:
Node Material | Babylon.js Documentation

Hey @DIO!
I’m happy that you like the editor!

About the error, is there any error message that you can copy/paste here? This would help me a lot to figure out the problem :slight_smile:
To be sure, do your pbr materials have reflectivity maps ? In the documentation there is a prerequisite to have SSR working well: Screen Space Reflections (SSR) Post Process | Babylon.js Documentation

Hi Julien,

thank you for the quick response.!
I uploaded a screenshot of my scene/rendering menu with the error at the bottom.
An error occured: Cannot read property ‘toneMappingEnabled’ of null
It works fine in a new project and I am pretty sure it worked in the beginning of setting up my current projekt. It somehow got broken under ways. I don´t know why. I only added textures and materials so far.Well I also deactivated and deleted the pre-set sky and the ground mesh.


You were right, I forgot the reflectivity maps in my materials. I read about it at the beginning,but totally forgot. (I usually work with Unreal for desktop and am just starting with Babylon). Since the SSR ignore the roughtness value of the materials I tried controlling it a little with a noise map as reflectivity map. The goal ist to have a car lit and having reflections by an hdr/.env Environment from top but standing on a pbr floor which should be visible in the car at the bottom. But I think this should work that way.

Btw: I love the option to exclude meshes from the sunlight. Unfortunately this is not saved at the moment. At next project startup the exclude-list of the light is empty again.

Hey @DIO
Thanks for sharing the error! I successfully reproduced and I just fixed the problem. It’ll be deployed ASAP! The problem was that you disabled image processing and I forgot to check if image process is enabled before accessing its parameters, my bad :slight_smile:

You are right for SSR, only reflectivity “brut data” is used at the moment. It is in my todolist to improve support with PBR materials especially using the prespass renderer that will be maybe be avaiable in Babylon.JS 5.0 if I’m not wrong @Deltakosh :slight_smile: Else, it looks difficult for me today to fully support PBR with SSR without duplicating code from PBR shader

Hey Julien,

glad I could help sharing :slight_smile: As I already said, I really enjoy working with the editor.
Can I fix the post process error to get it workin in my current project or do I have to wait for an fixed release? An chance you could fix the fact, that the direct light doesn´t save the excluded objects list?

I hope it is Ok, if I ask some other questions in this thread, I don´t want top open up multiple Noob-Topics :wink:
As a non-coder I was able to solve most of my questions like SSR with reflectivity map and shadows of the direct light (works better with standard than with pbr materials).

Thinks I need to solve and I found stuff which is unfortunately all code solutions:

  • I have sorting issues with materials with opacity maps (just alpha 0/1 cutouts). I read about alpha index and rendergroups though it seems I cannot set this anywhere in the editor.
  • Another thing is beeing able to set an object invisible but letting it still cast shadow. This also seems to be able via code.

So the main questions is: How would I be able to fix these problems, how do I even get into code environment. Can I oben projectfiles in Visual Studio or text editor? Or do I have to build the application and open it afterwards? As you can see I am lacking the basics :slight_smile:

Hey @DIO,
I’m really happy that you like the editor :slight_smile:

I just released the version rc.1 that you can download here: BabylonJS Editor v4.0.0 beta · BabylonJS/Editor Wiki · GitHub or simply use the updater the next time you run the editor you have already installed.

Unfortunately there were no solution instead of updating the editor to fix the bug of post-processes.

Rendering groups are not yet supported in the Editor but I just created the issue here: Add Support For Rendering Groups · Issue #233 · BabylonJS/Editor · GitHub will add the support ASAP

Can you share the code you saw about invisble meshes that cast shadows? Will be pleasure to add the feature

For the excluded meshes from light, it looks like it is handled only using the “SceneLoader”. That means I have to update the editor to handle excluded meshes as well.

I think the next release will contain all fixes you mentionned :slight_smile:

Hey Julien, thank you very much for the information and your efforts.
Please excuse if I ask somewhat basic questions, but like I said, my work is mainly Artist-focused. I am currently checking out the possibilities of graphical quality for visualization with webGL since a lot of features have been added in the last years. My company team also has developers who recommend Babylon JS to me. Unfortunately they are partly stuck in other projects so I am trying to figure out stuff on my own. :slight_smile:
I attached an image of the visual quality I was able to achieve with your Editor. I am going to download the rc.1 Version right now.

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Your render is (as noticed in another post) just amazing.
I’m deploying the feedbacks ASAP but maybe rendering groups will come later as I have to test well that everything is well saved/loaded to avoid corrupting projects

Event if not public, will you be able to share officially at least one screenshot to put in the editor’s website (still WIP)? Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: