Babylon.js Editor, Node Material issues

Hey guys! We’ve been working with the editor and I’ve been blown away with how well it works so far. I’ve encountered some things regarding the Node Material Editor as it works with the Babylon.JS editor and I had a couple questions. I’m using Babylon.JS Editor v4.3.0.

  1. It seems Node Materials revert to some default standard material when viewed anywhere that’s not the preview window. Is this intended? Is there an extra dependency I need to include to get this to work outside the preview window?

  2. The workflow between the Babylon.JS Editor and the Node Material Editor seems a bit awkward to me, specifically regarding values that can be tweaked in the inspector. If a value is tweaked in the inspector in the editor, the material needs to be saved AND the Node Material Editor needs to be reopened. If these steps aren’t taken, subsequent saves from the Node Material Editor overwrite edits on that material in the inspector. As with the last question, is there something I’m missing here with a setting, or is there a potential under-the-hood improvement that could be made that involves serializing or “marking dirty” inspector edits in some way?

cc @julien-moreau