ImageProcessing enabled blows out textures in Node Material

Hi all ,

So I got these shaders into my app :

(Overlay blend mode , image on image )
just change the second inputs uv from set 2 to set 1 to see it work in the link above

(Overlay blend mode , color on image )
just change the second inputs uv from set 2 to set 1 to see it work in the link above

It works great and in my scene I have a mix of PBR lit , PBR Unlit ( exported using a background node in blender ) and then these two custom Node materials.

What baffles me is that if I enable imageprocessing ( with everything default , exposure 1 , contrast 1 , no ACS etc ) it blows out the textures in the node materials. The PBR materials are not affected.

samples :

without imageprocessing enabled :

with it enabled :

ok to be honest, the PBR materials ( lit / unlit ) are ever so slightly affected but that is not the focus of the discussion , why are the node materials getting washed out soo badly?

The PBR node’s material block already incorporates image processing support, but if you don’t use this block, you’ll need to use an ImageProcessing block in your material graph.

Ok thanks, thanks works great , but curious now , in NME i connected rgb to rgb , and exported the code (see pic below ) , eg :


but that throws errors in the app , I could only get it working by connecting output to rgba. eg :


I dont mind … so long there is no extra overhead for having an output with an extra channel.

could it be that my local npm is out of date ? If so I obviously need to upgrade , but i doubt such an upgrade is modular … i obviously just have to upgrade the entire version and hope nothing else breaks :wink: ??

@Evgeni_Popov , i alo noticed that with the working code, using rgba , the node material causes sorting issues and then depth pre pass is required … so really i dont want that option. The rbg works in NME , just not my app , it doesnt regonize the rgb property of the ImageProcessing block. It must be because i need to update my babylon version i hope… i think i will just update now … im sure it possible to remove that if it breaks other stuff and install the older version again then.

will report back

EDIT: yup , required updating all babylon npm stuffs … now rgb node is valid :wink: