Node geometry editor epic battle

Hello guys.
I after reading some docs and watch some videos , I am ready to create my first babylonjs beginner project.
Im thinking about building 3 or 4 colider bars randomly distributed on a 3d space where a ball can roll over and fall.
The idea is just to confirm some basics concepts from creating the scene to add some physics effects.
My first challenge is about building the mentioned above environment.
So I begin using the nge tool , witch a first I looks very nice but now I would like to describe the experience and my feeling about it so you can bring some light about it.

  • There is just a few videos / tutorial about it .It seems to be a very nice tool , so why I can not find material related ?
  • I have been trying to create two boxes on different positions with different colour without success so far
  • Could not find any zero / axis representation on the working space to take as reference.
  • The documentation does not explain basic procedures to accomplish basic goals.

So … I am having an epic battle against this wonderful tool , and would like to share following thought:
Is it the right tool to accomplish what I want to do ?
I think with proper documentation and examples I can accomplish what I need.
Should I learn blender instead ?
Thanks !!!

here is my scheme:

I don’t think the node editor tool is the right “beginner babylon” project. Work out using meshes with StandardMaterial and enabling the physics first. There’s a lot to learn with all the parameters and textures on StandardMaterial. If you want to learn advanced materials after that, look at PBRSpecularGlossinessMaterial and/or PBRMetallicRoughnessMaterial, then start using PBRMaterial if you feel limited using those. If that doesn’t meet your needs, then look at Node Material and the Editor.

However, if you’re having fun and learning a lot, keep doing what you’re doing!

@HiGreg , thaks for your words.
Btw , watching a one hour blender tutorial , I managed to create scenario I needed and imported as glb into my babylonjs project.
So I think I will continue on this line.

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