How do YOU use the various Babylon.js Node Based Editors (NME, NGE)

Hey wonderful Babylon community,

We’re curious to know a bit more about how the community uses the current Babylon.js node-based editors (Node Material Editor and Node Geometry Editor).

Would you be willing to take a quick survey so we can better understand how you use these tools?

  • I use the node-based editors in conjunction with the playground…opening the editors from the inspector.
  • I use the node-based editors by themselves like going to
  • I use the node-based editors in conjunction with an integrated developer environment (like VSCode)
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Thanks in advance for making your voice heard!!!


Your link doesnt work.
These ones do:

I don’t use them because I don’t know enough about them. Do they allow you to build shaders using a node tree system? Are they easier to use than just writing a shader?

Like right now I’m trying to write a shader and am having not such a great time with it so naturally I should try to use this Node Material or Geometry Editor, but that in itself would mean spending time figuring it all out. Especially the part about using it in conjunction with VSCode, I would probably go that route.

Most of all, I would love to see examples of mainline babylonjs features such as Decals or others using the node system, then I would be more keen to adopt it.

I fixed the link in the OP.

I don’t use them either. I’m not familiar enough with.
Maybe one day I’ll try to understand all this.
But if I used them, I would go through

Hi, as Dad72 said,we need the option “I don’t use it / them”.
Unfortunately I didn’t have time to experiment with them either :unamused:

i cast my vote!

I cant help but wonder to myself - which answer are you guys hoping to be number one? I mean , there must be some actual reason you are polling this , not simply for interests sake :wink:

I think both the Node Material Editor and Node Geometry Editor are wonderful tools, but I have only made a simple sample and am not yet proficient in using them.
It seems that not many people in the Babylon.js community in Japan are using them either. I think more people might become interested if there were tutorials in Japanese. (This is a personal opinion. It may differ from the actual situation.)

Below is a sample I made a while back.




We’re just gathering some information. We’re working on something exciting in this space and just want to know how everyone is currently using these tools, so we can better inform what we’re working on.

How’s that for a tease?

tease GIF

I would love to integrate custom shaders into glTF files, but I’m not quite sure if or how.

I played around with the shader editor and generally enjoyed it!


I don’t know much about glTF extensions, but what about the idea of converting to KHR_animation_pointer format?

There is no custom shades in gltf 2.0 but I think the group is working o smthg somewhat similar, cc @bghgary to confirm ?

There is a group discussing MaterialX and glTF, but nothing concrete yet.
cc @srzerbetto

The last option “together with VSCode” sounds interesting, would love to see something more happening in that area :slight_smile:

The Node Material Editor is a huge huge part of the Frame product and the Frame ecosystem @PirateJC . We encourage people to go to the NME directly with the “remix” button in , and we’re linking to node material snippets all over the place in our environments and users bring in their own all the time!

(PS, on the topic of our library, @echadwick-artist and @cx20 , your shaders you linked above are spectacular and I’d love to surface them in the Frame Library - is that okay with you?. Can credit you/link you for sure!)


It’s a wonderful collection. Please add it.

Asset Type: shader
Name of Asset: Terraforming Mars
Snippet ID: #TACWPI#14
Author: cx20
Description: Shader for Terraforming Mars

BTW, it would be nice to have a collection of Node Geometry Editors as well.


Well my shader uses a texture that’s not properly licensed, do we’d have to switch that out for sharing. But other than that I’m fine with sharing.

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Thanks @echadwick-artist and @cx20 , I’ve got them both up!