Node Material beta stage

Hey team!

The node material is entering its beta stage. This means that I need you to test it and to report any bugs you may find :wink:

Here is the documentation: How To use the Node Material - Babylon.js Documentation

More videos and tutorials will come soon!

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Make your NME screen as-wide as-possible (slide sidebars to the side) and load-in (if you can fig how) (might need to move to local drive first).

Yeah, using the NME as a drawing program… quite demented… but perfectly normal for me. :slight_smile:

Hey NME devvers… when you create a node that automatically creates multiple nodes… can you make it so… if user deletes that main node… the extra nodes get deleted too? shrug.

Ok, congrats to DK and NME dev team… on the sweet milestone… well done!!!

( Hey @Null… are ya gonna build XML-for-NME? huh? yeah. :slight_smile: )


Amazing! I am not very well-versed into materials and stuff but this looks so sweet I have to try it out!

@Wingnut There’s already a very well made editor. No need to build any XML for this. The GUI however needed it very much imho. What it needs next is an editor to build interfaces which exports either to XML or to BJS GUI directly. It would be super sweet. :smiley:


Yeah, you’re right, Nullinski. But… I’m thinkin’ DK should install a “drawing node”… let’s you make node-boxes in any color and size, and set zIndex on each. And then, maybe an INPUT line… for the function plotter formulas, and maybe some demo plottings of Mandelbrot and Julia sets. :wink:

What’s that you say?

OHHH, you would rather we NOT use the flow-canvas as a drawing/plotting surface, and use it to create materials, instead? Ohh. How non-Fisher-Price, non-Playskool. (sniff) :wink:

WYSIWYG? Yeah. BJS GUI Visual Editor 1.0… drag’n’drop, drag’n’resize, kind of hard… maybe. Likely for “layout” only. Dragging wires between control.onValueChanged notifyListeners… visually… might be rough.

Great work!
Can’t wait to play a bit more with it.

Also I don’t know if it is the right place but I wanted to say a big thank you for the PBR Custom Matieral.
At SIGGRAPH when I talked to @PirateJC and @bghgary I said I needed to customize the PBR Matieral a bit.
I finally found my way around the custom matieral and have the feeling to be in full control now :smile: <3


The link to the last video (Lights and textures) at How To use the Node Material - Babylon.js Documentation is incorrect, should be

Hey there,
since there is no way for combining/reusing sets of nodes yet i have to manually select every node and connection and copy paste them.

  1. unfortunately only the nodes get copied but not the connections between them. the underlying react/nodes library supports this feature on its homepage, so i assume this should be working in the nme as well? (this prevents me from doing some more complex demos and would be great)
  2. When using an android tablet with external mouse and keyboard I cannot drag and drop any new nodes onto the canvas.

Thank you for the amazing work!

Hi Again,
if I use an animated custom procedural texture as input for a node material texture the node editor cannot handle this. e.g.

  • if i open the nme and click “embed texture” the console throws an error
  • the animation is lost


Will fix that! Thanks

  1. This is planned for next release (4.2). The connection cannot stay because unless you take everything from the beginning some inputs will not be defined so the connection will not know which type the link is about.
  2. Do you have an error on the console? We do not officially anything which is not Max/linux or Windows but it may be easy to fix

You cannot embed a texture which is not just a file. When clicking on embed (turning on or off) the system will wipe the current texture and switch from link / upload mode.

The error you are seeing is because there is no more texture. I will make sure that this does not happen but unfortunately you will not be able to embed dynamic content inside your save file

alright, thank you!
so beta stage does not mean feature complete? (and i can hope for even more cool stuff?)

concerning the issue with my android tablet: I dont think it is an error but rather a problem with drag and drop on a mobile/touch paradigm (mobile device emulation in desktop browser developer tools shows what i mean)
maybe you could implement adding new nodes not only by dragging to the canvas but also by double clicking/double tapping? This would be great and enable the nme to be used on whole additional family of devices.

Bonjour from southern germany

Technically we are done for 4.1 :slight_smile: but we never know!

I will add the double click feature but question is: where to drop the node then?

In the center can be (except if a node is there, to offset it to the side)

Or drop it after the node furthest to the right (like a word at the end of a text)

Just an idea.

connect color node output to basic math node … OK

connect texture node output to basic math node … FAIL


The texture block is a fragment node. It cannot be connected to a vertex output :frowning:

This is something I need to work on :slight_smile:

it should be available… consider ‘displacement texture’ :grinning:

Will be available today or tomorrow :wink:

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Where it is possible to see some samples of the Node materials?
A simple list of 10-20 URLs with examples would be great to have and play with…