Node Materials and animated meshes. (4.1)

I’m importing in an animated mesh in GLTF format, and overriding the material to use a Node Material ( This seems to break the animations, possibly because they are no longer handled in the vertex shader? They are not bone based animations, but I’ve tried wiring up bones and morphTarget nodes to no avail. Is there an example of using this with blender exported animatiions somewhere?

For this material, I could write a shader by hand, but I’d like to make sure this workflow is available for artists working with us.

What are your animations using if not bones/morph based?

I misspoke, it is in fact a bone animation.

So you should add the corresponding nodes.

See how it is done (“Morphs and bones” frame) in this material, which is a re-creation of the standard material in the nme:

Thank you for the reference. I had an extra world position node that wasn’t feeding from the bone node.

Fixed that up and everything is working great!

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