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Hey @1112!
If you ask if babylonjs-editor is a node module, yes! babylonjs-editor - npm

Anyway, this node module just contains the library to load and apply the extensions (behavior code, graph, post-processes, etc. creating in the editor). You can read more here: Loading and Saving Scenes - Babylon.js Documentation (Exporting a template).

If you want to use the editor itself, you can download the latest version here: Getting Started - Babylon.js Documentation
You can find all available documentation of the editor here: Babylon.js Documentation

hello, I want to consulting is the visual editor, this is our company before use OGRE engine implementation of a visual editor, he can realize scene loading, import resources, scene drag, add to a series of functions such as check, and my job now is to need to put these functions above Babylonjs, before I do the part with Ztree plug-ins tree, but I saw you this visual editor, but I know it is not the editor, can I put this editor embedded in my current project, and then open in a browser,Or maybe the editor is just a local exe that only works locally, or maybe he can do all the functions I mentioned above and I just need to use him