Not All loadFunction can Cach gltf resource

I’m test SceneLoader.LoadAsync(…) function to load asset,and set
Database.IDBStorageEnabled = true;
engine.enableOfflineSupport = true;
set 1t.gltf.manifest;
It caches correctly.
reference:Optimizing Using Cached Resources | Babylon.js Documentation

but use SceneLoader.ImportMeshAsync;
those function caches not correctly,it not work.

I test vision is babylonjs 5.0.0-alpha.24;
I find the core function is SceneLoader._LoadData(…),the function call caching is implemented.
so iI think this is a bug,

When a large number of models are asynchronously loaded,manifest File Settings affect each other。

adding @sebavan

Would be amazing if you could setup a repro in the playground as I am not seeing anything obvious :frowning: and have some trouble to repro here.

I have upload test files to github,you can run code tests directly.
[GitHub - q651742112/babylonjs-catch-test1]

What is correct is that the one that has the manifest file will have the cache
but change the following file loading order, some cases can be cached, some can not be cached

I am still not able to repro and it sounds like it might be a timing issue :frowning: Could you create the repro in the playground ? so that others from the community like @Evgeni_Popov could have a look if they have an idea ?