Npm install of 4.2.0-beta.13 and/or 4.2.0-beta.15 both install as 4.2.0-beta.16

This is verified in my package-lock.json file below. But 4.2.0-beta.16 is not even listed on github yet as of this post. So they go to the newest version of 4.2.0-beta instead of the version listed as a parameter into npm.

Is this an npm or an issue with babylon’s registry on npm?

I just release 16 and your dependency probably allows patch revision so asking for 13 would end up taking highest patch number

Thanks for the response. How do I use npm to just get the requested version then?

putting the full version without symbols should do, can you share what your package version contains for dependencies and/or devdepencies ?

but mainly all is here: About semantic versioning | npm Documentation