Obj Import -> Group material issue

I’m importing an .obj file that has multiple groups. Here is the block:

The legs/hinges are suppose to use the metal material.
Only one set of legs and hinges have a metal material.

3D Viewer in windows correctly display the block:

I see missing references to the metal seam material in the obj file. When I add the references babylon seems to render fine. I’m wondering why other viewers are able to pick it up correctly? The command line tool obj2gltf also converted it properly.

Any ideas?

Pinging @brianzinn (another Brian:) ) to see if he has free cycle to check

Thanks for reporting the issue and providing a repro model. I’m traveling abroad till end of June. There is already another feature request that is group related that I dropped the ball on. Ping me if it’s not fixed in a few weeks. I’m keen to work on the .obj loader more, but been working insane hours lately unfortunately…

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