Oclussion culling

Can anyone explain How oclussion Culling works?
I have a code for loading multiple babylon files and also implemented indexed db.
Now i need to implement oclussion culling in it

Here is the solution of similar question - How to Occlusion Culling properly - #3 by Evgeni_Popov

Hi,Can anyone help me to implement this oclussion culling in my code pls,
I’m new to babylon js

The biggest problem is that we know nothing about your code and your requirements:(

I know :sweat_smile:
I will share the git hub link if you want?
And my requirement is to load large files upto 2gb so i need to implement octree,oclussion cullling,raycasting techniques to optimize my scene without lagging

so if you help me to implement oclussion culling or octree it will be a great thing