A few quick questions about Babylon.js

Hey - I am looking at Babylon for a project in an effort to learn Typescript and JavaScript. As a result I have a few questions about Babylon.

  1. Are Occlusion Queries are enabled by default in Babylon.js v5? If not how do I enable it?
  2. Is there any form of level streaming support in Babylon JS?

Yes. How to use: see documentation which is really very useful - Occlusion Queries | Babylon.js Documentation

I believe this is Unreal engine term. As in UE, with Babylon.js one may load and unload files into memory as well as toggle their visibility during play, with the help of some logic.

From my opinion, here is one of the best place in the world to learn the most modern JS and TS while having a lot of fun from it.

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Cool thank you. :slight_smile:

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