Oculus Go + Gampad

Hey Folks,

iam trying to make my babylon scene working with an Gampead (Xbox360) on an Oculus Go. The 360 Controller is connected via usb cable so i can use it to controll the device as it should. Babylon also works on the devices browser but iam not able to combine em.

thats my test scene:

I also tested it with an PS4 controller (this one is officially supported by the Oculus Go) but I couldn’t move the cube with it either.

Maybe someone has some experience with a gampad on such a divece?

Many people have issues pairing the XBOX One controller with the Oculus GO including myself. So I use a MOGO Bluetooth controller to develop on Oculus GO, and have had no issues whatsoever.

The MOGO Bluetooth controller is and excellent controller and sells for $25. There is no setup involved with this controller other than an initial pairing.

I have gotten the XBOX ONE controller to work with the Oculus GO, by plugging directly into the headset via USB, but it’s often hit or miss.


yeah, its a little pain to make it work, but as i said, the controllers work fine. I can use it in the divices main menu and in other applications. In my opinion the problem is, that the OS of the Go seams to emulate the gamepads as some sort of common imput in a more abstracted way. so the browsers gamepad api didnt recognize it as an actual gamepad

Unfortunately as we use the browser API to get gamepad data there is not a lot we can do.
Did you try to reach out to Occulus Go developers?