HTC Vive and Oculus, Babylonjs VR controller issue

Hi. Client informed me that Babylon VR controller is working on Oculus but not working on HTC Vive. I don’t have neither of those devices. Is there a way to test the controller without having those devices? Some kind of simulator?


There seems to be a lot of issues with the webxr support of HTC vive.
We are not doing anything specific to one platform or the other - we adhere to web standards. if it doesn’t work, i am afraid there is little we can do about it, unless there is a specific error we can work with.

What seems to be the issue with the controllers? not displaying? Not working as expected?

For debug purposes you can force a specific controller to your experience using the options passed to the default xr experience helper - IWebXRInputOptions | Babylon.js Documentation (and WebXRDefaultExperienceOptions | Babylon.js Documentation)