Oculus quest - test/poc - 360 walkthrough


I just want to share with you a footage of a 2021 VR poc (very very alpha version) I developed with bjs. It was quite fun to work on, maybe a little annoying to debug : put & remove the headset 50 times a day :grinning:



“Clean up Aisle 4.”, Robbin Williams, I think.

Very nice! I wonder if this will be the future of shopping :slightly_smiling_face: Though I hope they make headsets more comfortable for glasses wearers like me before that :rofl:

Thanks ! It was a hackathon for **allgrs , what we did produced just an old fashion VR product , aka what we imagined about VR shopping in early 2000 :wink: ! Any way, I had some fun to work on this. :smiley:

I can only be admirative of your patience for this :grin:. The result looks promising though. GJ,

I still have hopes that we will keep ‘brick and mortar’ in the future. And then I believe there’s nothing like the true thing to make spontaneous (or compulsive :wink:) purchases. Hopefully, this reason alone will make it so that we will still be able to go to the shopping center in the future (And then, I gotta make sure I can keep with my 10k steps per day. How am I supposed to do that if not by going to the shopping center? :grin: :wink:)