Recomanded VR headset

I’m having a problem on choosing the right VR headset. So any advice is welcome.
I have to do a scene for a product viewer, with interaction(select, teleportation) in VR. What to use?
I did a little research, and I found that simple VR glasses (for smartphone) are not enough for this, but I’m not sure about gear VR from Samsung. I’m afraid I’ll not be able to use it in browser. Or even if I’ll use it in the browser, they have a controller but I’m not sure if I can use it for interaction.

I would like to be easy portable too if is possible :yum:

Maybe to choose between Oculus and HTC, but in this case I need a strong notebook.
Or other option hmmm.

Right now I think, the most impressive thing is the Occulus Quest.
You won’t get the image Quality of an Occulus Rift or Vive, but you are also not tied to a computer.
It’s an all-in-one solution. It also does not need external sensors to track itself.
It also comes with two controllers, so that would work.

If your application has to work in a exhibition, be careful though. I have no idea how it reacts to a lot of people moving around. I had issues with an Hololens at an exhibition once.

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Thanks @poetoem!
I didn’t even know about this. :yum:

Hi @MarianG

I have the same question.
What are your experiences?
Did you choose a VR Headset?


Hi @Rizn,
I bought Quest2 which is perfect for what I need, and is not so expensive.
I created a demo with unity using a mesh with more than 500k verts and it is moving really good but I think it is at the limit, and few more smaler projects using babylonjs, max 80-100k verts which ‘are flying’.

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Thank you for your Reply!

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