Offering a 100$ bounty for a voxel shadow system

If you can add a voxel shadow system to this project GitHub - andyhall/noa: Experimental voxel game engine. I’ll pay you 100$ , I’m working on a game that uses Noa engine , I need this badly thanks.

@fenomas , unless there is more than one Andy Hall, seems like you would be interested here.


I asked Andy already , he seems busy

Hi, unfortunately I don’t know any good approach here. The shortest path to having some kind of lighting in noa would be to do like Minecraft, and track a brightness value for every voxel, and color the geometries with that value when meshing. But that wouldn’t be “shadows” per se, and it would be a bunch of work. OTOH for “real” terrain shadows, I wouldn’t really know where to begin.

Certainly interested to hear any input though!

Yes , I don’t want real shadows , I want basic voxel shadow , just like Minecraft , if you go in a Minecraft mine it’s dark it’s scary , cave darkness , I tried playing with Noa engine , but couldn’t figure it out

I’m willing to pay 100$ for even this basic shadow in and then the Noa community can improve it .

See how it’s darker inside the house , I tried to replicate that in Noa engine , but never worked

Sorry to repeat myself , I don’t want a lighting system , I want to replicate basic Minecraft mesh texturing of voxels not in daylight …

, Thank you in advance for your listening .