Сolor depth map for PhotoDome

In this PhotoDome depth map example, a grayscale depth map is used.

I’m trying to apply a color depth map and it doesn’t work correctly.

What should I do? Convert color depth map to grayscale, how to do it?
Help me please.

Why not converting the data in gray scale ?

I only have a color depth map.

what does the color represents in this case ? a conversion needs to happen

As far as I understand, the distance is measured here approximately on such a scale, dark blue (closer) and dark red (further).

I would suggest to recreate in the playground something similar to this mesh onready observable · BabylonJS/Babylon.js@8e19ab8 · GitHub in the playground as it is not much code to adapt to your scale and if interesting for others as well, this could be a nice contribution :slight_smile:

Hello! Just checking in if you still have questions @D_Taylor

no, the solution was to convert the color scale to grayscale