Omio js ball drop

Hey. The question is not entirely in the subject, but I really hope for your help. I am writing an application using the omio.js. library Created a kind of map, you can see in the picture, there is a ball, how can I make it move (fall) when changing the position of the camera, if for example I look at the world on the left,
this can be seen in the second image. Please help, I know that inside babylon js this library is used.

Apply a force to the ball using the camera angle to calculate the value.
Or, tilt the level to make the ball roll.


Hiya M! Any chance you could create a playground demo for us? Mainly, we don’t know what type of camera you are using. If using arcRotate, its .alpha value will change as you orbit left/right, so you could use THAT value as a trigger.

Should ball drop straight down, falling THRU its little platform? Or should it roll off-of the side, front, or back, perhaps (tilt the platform). I think you can even start with ball mass = 0, and then use ball.physicsImposter.setMass(value), and then the ball doesn’t need a platform to sit upon.

And, any tiny setLinearVelocity [skid-it off the platform] or setAngularVelocity [roll-it off the platform] or applyForce or applyImpulse [both skidders]. You could also dispose its platform or remove the platform’s impostor. Just some ideas.

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Thank you all very much, and Happy New Year)) used the linearVelocity property)

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