OpacityTexture - set "intensity"

In Babylon, I use an opacity texture for displaying transparent (pbr-)materials.
Is it possible to set the intensity of this texture in order to adjust the opacity of the result?

For example, if I reduce the intenity of this opacity texture, the pbr material is getting less transparent?

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You can use the texture.level for that. This simply multiplies against the alpha in the texture.

yes, but I would expect if I reduce the opacityTexture.level, the material will become less transparent?

it should be like a “blending”

I see your point but I am afraid this would break back compat on this feature. Basically your code could set level = 1 - intensity

Summoning @Deltakosh to see if we should break back compat on this one ???

I’m not sure this is used a lot but I would recommend to add a new parameter actually

@MrGroove maybe you could add a new parameter on both standard and PBRMaterial to ensure the shader does a mix vs a multiply. This could be done under a flag as David mentionned (like opacityTextureLevelBlending) ?

Fancy doing a PR ?

or maybe you could use the famous customMaterial from @nasimiasl to customize the shader a bit ???

sorry i see this now
what kind of result suspected any pic or screenshot?

i think best way to use transparency use refract with cube map for pbr materials