OpenGL Texture Sampling bugs Chrome arm64 vs x86_64

I’m thinking about what I need to do to setup a repo playground. In the meantime, here’s the two versions of chrome I see the discrepancy with:

Version 116.0.5845.110 (Official Build) (x86_64) - my 2017 MacBook pro (good)
Version 116.0.5845.110 (Official Build) (arm64) - gf’s 2023 m1 MacBook pro (bad)

Most of the terrain is rendered normally without these weird bumps, but every so often you see the weird bumps. It’s happens every so often when the shaders I’m using use calls to the texture sampler methods in both glsl and wgsl. This happens in both the webgl2.0 engine and the webGPU engine. The assumption here is because the issues are with texture sampling, the openGL texture sampling method is going awry.

It looks like it could be a driver bug…

Have you tried to force WebGL1? Also, does it work in Firefox?


Can you setup the PG please?

I have both M1 pro and a windows PC available so I can have a look at it as well.


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Hmm could it be mipmap related?

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@Evgeni_Popov @roland @jeremy-coleman apologies for the delay.

I have not been able to repo this issue in a playground despite setting up what I believed to be the relevant parts of our code. At this moment it’s starting to look more like something todo with our usage of PBRCustomMaterial. If I can confirm in a playground, I’ll post here again but for now all I can say is that there’s some sort of rendering artifact that only shows up on M1 and M2 MPs. It’s really weird, but less generalized than we initially thought. Sorry for the false alert there.

I use an m1 max macbook pro as my primary computer but didn’t notice anything weird yet with any PG (except it’s incredibly fast - LOL) . As you wrote it might be really an issue on your side with the custom material.

If you manage to setup the PG I’ll gladly test it and help to identify the problem.

Have a nice day!


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@jeremy-coleman I think you’re on to something there, check out this post:

The nature of the problem sounds the same, where it works on my windows and intel mac from 2017, but not my gf’s m1 macbook. The “bumps” are very blocky looking when they occur. Idk, I need to read more on this.

Some extra info: