Material Issues on Macbook Only

Hi All,

Anyone come across this situation, see these two screenshots
On Windows, Ipad, iPhone you name it it works fine but on Mac and mac with an external screen poorer textures have some strange issue, take a look at these 2 screenshots, first is zoomed in and 2nd is zoomed out

Woot…Seems like the mipmaps are failing or something

Do you have a repro somewhere? Any error in the console?

Adding @cedric to check on his Mac if you can repo

Hey @Deltakosh I posted this but actually @mimeeq3d_milosz is away and he will be back in the morning and he will be able to provide any more technical insights. However no issues were showing in inspector.

Here is a link to the product - Public link

You can change to another fabric, not this green one and 99% are fine on the mac
on windows all are fine even this green one.

this is the point that is strange so I was the only one working on mac and the first to spot it, the texture is not great but still why on Mac only, this is what’s so strange.

PS - this is a 10mb GLB it was a test to see how it handled it so it takes a few secs to load

Thanks for the help, this has us scratching our heads
we were thinking it must be a combination of retina scaling but on Ios its fine also and i have a external screen so it seems to be linked to being rendered on the macbook that’s the problem

if you need any more info copy of the textures of other details let me know


here is a video showing it on my mac with an external display

I have no mac so I let @Cedric chimes in :slight_smile:

I can reproduce the issue on my MBP with Chrome and Firefox (webgl2 for both). It works fine with Safari (webgl1). I’m exported the scene and there is 1 texture that is 1536*1536. Can you please try with a power of 2 texture size (1024x1024 or 2048x2048)? Do any other glb that works fine has non power of 2 texture?

@Cedric Oh yes I think this one was upscalled by mistake but still when we swapped it to the original size ( some 800px) it was also an issue still.

Again strange is why only Mac chrome.
I must say I did not check Mac safari now I think of it.

I have another example product but I need to get back to my laptop to send the link. This other example I think has a nice texture quality and again it’s only on Mac the issue.

I can send that example shorty when Back at my laptop

Reading this again while not walking in the rain.
I will ask @mimeeq3d_milosz to jump in on this in the morning as I am not able to make the tests.

Thanks for the swift replies and help.

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Thanks Cedric, now we use some old textures with strange dimensions but fixing this one to correct size helps with this problem on mac. I will do more tests but probably we must update legacy files in our library :slight_smile:


@Cedric @Deltakosh thanks for the help on this, we are doing some pretty cool things behind the scenes here building some rule based modular configurators so I am sure this will not be our last questions.