OpenStreetMap 3D in VR?

Does Babylon support this type of features, I’ve tried to use Mapbox to render 3d map from OpenStreetMap with Babylon but it not work in VR mode, Best way I can think of is to use png map file on ground but It’s not 3d.
I’ve spent 2 month and can not figure out how to do that 3d map with building in VR mode, and also I want full controll over the input (I can set the button to look and moving around, not overwrite by any external library except Babylon).

Babylon is used for some 3D mapping applications, such as Bing Maps’ 3D view: Bing Maps - Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more. What exactly isn’t working when entering VR?

Refer to this topic

I know the problem but still can’t find the solution