Integrating VR to babylonjs project

Hello. I have one project prepared with babylonjs. I am trying to add vr feature to this project. For THIS ‘scene.createDefaultVRExperience();’ I am running the code. The VR button comes on, but when I press the VR button and switch to the VR screen, the VR camera stays fixed and bad.
I request your help on this matter.

Hello WebVR is deprecated and you should use WebXR instead:
WebXR | Babylon.js Documentation (

cc @RaananW

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Thanks for your answer. Support for WebVR has been removed. You are right. However, this is not the source of the problem and VR can still be run. The source of the problem here: When WebVR or WebXR is integrated into the project, a real device or emulator is needed to test this system. This test can only be tested on chrome and mozilla. I have installed and tested the WebXR emulator on Chrome. This is how the problem was solved.