Mapbox not working when enable webXR?

I’ve created a project to test Mapbox, everything is fine but the problem is when I switch to VR mode, the page gone blank without any error.
Here is my project:

Hi @Minh_Hoang_Do and welcome to the forum
Can you repro in a playground?
cc @RaananW

Hi @Cedric, Here is the code test:

Everything gone when I press button switch to VR mode

Does it work when you don’t use Mapbox? If so, it might be better to check in the mapbox forums, if there is one.

webxr doesn’t display your canvas, it has its own framebuffer to which you need to render. If the rendering is done with Babylon we are making sure we render to the right RTT, but it seems like there is a different render loop when using mapbox. Am I right to assume that the babylon engine is only secondary to the mapbox’s rendering pipeline?

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Thanks for the reply, It look like Mapbox need to use its own render, I will try looking for something else to render 3d map in vr other than Mapbox, but seriously ,when it comes to VR, it’s really hard to find.

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