OpenStreetMap 3D Viewer


I’m working on a 3D viewer for OpenStreetMap. There’s a demo available at: DDD (OSM) Viewer

I’m also working on the generator and as the project is open source I was wondering if someone with experience would like to contribute. I’m trying to add splatmaps and I’m having some trouble extending the PBRMaterial, but there are other areas that could use help!

PM me if you are interested :slight_smile:



very nice work with good details

woot really good (cc @PirateJC )

@jjmontes Very cool! Keep us posted as this progresses! Would love to add it to our community site when you feel like it’s ready to be shown off!

Love it!

I’d be glad to. I’ll let you know when something more stable is uploaded.

A quick update video and a pic:


I have uploaded an update. Here are two demo trips:

I am trying to understand a bit better what each different rendering option means and its implication.

I think I have a couple of points that could help speeding this up a bit. I will bring those up on separate forum questions, but what I see is that after loading and calling setEnabled(false) on a bunch of world chunks, it seems to me that “active indices” never go down and “inter-frame time” stays high. Maybe it’s just normal. If you wish, you can access the inspector by clicking on “Settings > Inspector”.

You can also access the app by accessing this domain directly, but generation of new tiles takes a while. Check the About for information in case you are interested.

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Thanks for update and quick reply. I’ll be sure to keep an eye on this thread. Looking for the same issue.

official website