Opinions on best gesture solution for js

Hey all

So what is the best gesture solution for cross platform cross browser functionality?

Just to clarify , over a decade ago i once built a android mobile game in Unity and rolled out my own gesture solution. After doing that when porting the game to desktop I realized there was no need for a separate library. When everything is just thought of as some kind of screen input, the library does not need to care about whether it was generated by a mouse click or a screen touch. The only thing different is for multi touch gestures , obviously that cant be done via a mouse.

So im wondering what is the best js solution out there for this now? Im sure there are many and instead of having to dig through pages of reviews and read ups maybe someone who has already done that can enlighten me.

I could code this myself but why reinvent the wheel.

I would expect to be able to use this in any js environment that is browser based.


I found native pointer events is a thing now in js , i looked at some libraries for gestures prior to this , most are just to over engineered for my liking. Im just going to roll my own simple one again for fun it seems :wink:

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Currently some of the common none mutlitouch ones can be accessed through observable for pointers like Tap Double Tap Move and such but we do not have anything exposed to the user regarding pinch zoom, multi finger drag and such.

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