"Optimize Vertices" Option Breaks Latest Version of Maya Exporter (20200917.1)

With the latest version of the Maya Exporter in Maya 2019, if I have “Optimize Vertices” checked, every piece of geometry emits the error below during export, and in the GLTF it just ends up as a dummy node with no geometry. This wasn’t the case in the previous version of the exporter I was using (20200721.1). Without “Optimize Vertices” the export ends up being more than 5x as large in terms of file size.

To repro, just create a simple primitive in Maya 2019 and use the babylon exporter to create a gltf with “optimize vertices” turned on. Is anyone able to look into this?

I’m also wondering, does anyone know how I can revert to a previous version of the exporter? The Installer pulls down the latest version by default, and replacing the dll’s and .mel files directly leads to the plugin not loading :frowning:

	no morph targets
	Exception raised during export. Node will be exported as dummy node. 

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

yes, same here. checking on “optimize vertices” option does creates a dummy node with no geometry.

Ok please create an issue on the repo with a repro file :wink:

@Deltakosh looks like someone already added it: Maya Plugin - September 17 release · Issue #874 · BabylonJS/Exporters · GitHub. I added a comment and can add a repro file also, though any Maya file with geometry has this issue.


Just downloaded the latest exporter and this is still an issue (10/13/20). Works just fine if you don’t optimize verts but i like the sound of “optimize” and so badly want to check that box :slight_smile:

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Hi! Any update on this issue? I noticed it not clicking the “Optimize Vert” option adds roughly 2 MB to my assets. Thanks.

adding @Guillaume_Pelletier

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Hi! I was hoping this was fixed in 4.2 but… No soup for me :frowning_face: . Any update on when we can get the Optimize Vert back up and running on exporting from Maya? Pretty please.


Pinging @Guillaume_Pelletier again :slight_smile:
adding @thomlucc FYI

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@Deltakosh Thanks!

PR is done, wait for the team to validate it


@Guillaume_Pelletier :metal: :smiley: :metal:

Great! Looking forward to this fix.

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Watch out @pnut… I’m going to hug you! :hugs:

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