Original Texture Names Lost, named after Material?

Hey All,
I’m really confused and questioning my memory, but most recently I noticed when importing a glTF/glB into Sandbox (or using loader in Babylon) the texture references are no longer referencing the original file names? They have all be renamed using the Material Name they are assigned to? I see they still reference the original URI and file name, but was this change recent?

Thanks and Cheers!

I don’t think so :slight_smile: I was not able to find a recent (less than a year) change on that topic

I didn’t notice this problem with Dude

Probably there could be an issue with your GLTF exporter?

It was the exporter!

FYI: 3dsMax 2023 has finally added a proper exporter and glTF materials. I do NOT like how the exporter is naming the Textures per material and channel, instead of the original file name.

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