Import glb texture/material issue


I’m trying to import a glb but there is a visual texture/material issue at the bottom metal bar.

In fact when i use the sandbox the textures/materials are good but not when i import it with ImportMeshAsync on my scene

Did some knows how can i fix it ?
thanks by advance


can you provide us with a playground?

Probably your scene have different lighning, or it completely missing.

yep right here :

the issue is the same

The sandbox has a default environment which makes a difference in illumination, you can just create it: Import glb texture/material issue | Babylon.js Playground (


hmm i see,
but what is the property that he solve that precisely ? because i don’t really want to create a default environment :thinking:

The property is scene.environmentTexture.
Here are some docs - Using An HDR Environment For PBR | Babylon.js Documentation

Without this environment GLTF models will look much less realistic.

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So i went to The Texture Library | Babylon.js Documentation to choose one environnement texture in waiting to create my own later.

Thanks for help !

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