Orthographic and perspective projection

i did not find proper examples of orthographic and perspective projection in babylon.
i want to implement that in the 3d lines project that i have created

Hi @snehalata_konhar Welcome to the forum.
Camera, by default are perspective.
To change it to orthographic, check changes lines 17-21

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Hi @Cedric , thank you for the orthographic view. Is there any way to make it more diverged?

The best place to look is through the docs and these forums, as posts were really helpful for my projects.

  • To get the correct pixel scale you will need to resize the camera on canvas size change, so a listener can work well. Orthographic ArcRotateCamera auto resize | Babylon.js Playground (babylonjs.com)

  • If you want to have different ortho views I found it was more intuitive to create individual cameras and switch between them.

  • Make use of the inspector as you can debug and quickly set your default views, limits and scene clipping. Use the search on these forums for “ortho”, there are loads of topics.