Orthographic camera Z ordering of planes


I am having issues with the draw order of some planes (10 in total).

I have a canvas that is 1680x1050, which places the origin in the center of the screen. and I am using an orthographic camera

when I set the planes up, they start at Y: 350 and each one is 80 pixels lower than the previous one (each plane is 135 pixels high), each plane should be drawing in front of the previous one, but its not behaving like that.

The first 5 layer correctly, and the last five, are not, from the 5th onwards, they draw behind the previous instead. I tried adjusting the Z values for the planes, but that seems to have no effect.

I have noticed that this is the point where they start drawing in the negative Y coordinates, could this have something to do with it?


this is probably related yes. Can you try to repro in the Playground?

Apologies for the incredibly late response.

I managed to work around my issue using the alphaindex property.

I came across it again today with something else, but I am unable to reproduce it the playground.

I’m at a loss to explain why this is occurring, it may be something about how the engine is initialized (I am not initializing the engine myself its being provided in a custom framework i am working inside, which is all wrapped in angular components and stuff like that (still new to web programming so I have limited knowledge on how all that works).

If I come up with any more information I will try and remember to post it here.