[Particle] .png Texture is not applied to particleTexture

Hello teacher, Dr, master, 선생님, 先生, गुरु and all every developists!

I can’t see particles my PG.
Texture from git.
I kept the this rules. ( Using External Assets - Babylon.js Documentation )


texture resource is

but rendered particle image is

Texture is .png file. And i’m not set particleSystem.textureMask.
What the reason it?

Please help me! :pray:

There is a problem with your image. When I copied and pasted it into a painting program it was completely black. I did a snip of it from the screen and using that got this https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#MRRGXL#24

The image being this :

if you multiply by any color, black * color = black and as the blend mode is additive for particles: color + black = color

So basically you see nothing as you are nor using the texture you want.

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I have .jpg or backgrounded .png when case black(0,0,0,1) or white(1,1,1,1)?
So, i have no value the alpha? like a john master’s?

But i want circle shape. @JohnK master’s circle is square.

to @sebavan Jedi council
texture’s transparent background was filled black when every time?

And can find a sample that ‘textures/flare.png’ in PG ( https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#EF9X5R#0 )?

Thank you! :+1:

Okey, i’m clear.

BG have Black. Thank you.

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