Particle system funky interaction with vignette [Solved | Not a bug]

Hi, I’m trying to use vignette in my rendering pipeline, but it seems to break my particle system.

The expectation is that the particles should look like this:

But when vignette is enabled (imageProcessing.vignetteEnabled=true), they look like this:

I’ve tested on various computers running Nvidia graphics cards, and this bug only happens in Windows, and in Linux the particles appear fine (maybe different graphics drivers?).

Here is a playground where you can see the issue:

Interestingly enough, when using snippets (createFromSnippetAsync) there is no bug, and everything works fine even with vignette on:

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi @avonian
Small mess-up in color1 & color2 :wink:

new BABYLON.Color4(Math.random(), Math.random, Math.random(), Math.random() / 5 + 0.8);


Wow, good catch, and thank you so much!

If only all of life’s problems were this simple :slight_smile:

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