Solid Particle System visibility

I have multiple shapes in a solid particle system. I want to make some of the shapes appear to be see through.

Is this possible? I know how to do it for all the the SPS particles, but that is not what I want.


You will need to set the mesh to have vertexAlpha, and adjust the color you are seinding to be a color 4 with alpha. this is an example:

SPS Examples | Babylon.js Playground (


Thanks for the fast response.

That causes another problem. I have a texture atlas on a single material associated with the SPS.

With individual meshes, I can do the faceUV trick of (0,0,0,0) and then the faceColors will show up on those faces set to faceUV of four zeros. That does not seem to work with the particle.uvs.x = 0, etc.

That is why I am trying to change the a particle’s visibility.

I could use multimaterials I guess, but I am trying to saved the draw call.

Thanks for your help Raanan.

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Maybe you could set an area in your texture atlas with zero alpha and map there the uvs of the vertices you want to not have texturing?


Ah, look at the big brain on Carol! That is twice you have saved me. Very clever. Thanks.