Pattern like Emissive Texture

Hi everyone,

Is that possible to get this kind of effect with emissive texture?

Or if I can achieve this in different approach, please let me know




This is what I have achieved so far!
with box inside box.
inner box have alpha and emissiveColor
outer box diffuseTexture is a png
and added a glow layer

It seems you achieved what you wanted to do?

I’m not sure why you used two cubes, though, why not using your emissve texture directly on the outer cube?

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Yes I’m happy what I have achieved so for, but keep looking for improvements
I used inner cube with EmissiveColor (not EmissiveTexture)
And used outer cube to bring the pattern cut using a transparent png as diffuseTexture

Still I don’t have that much of experience with BabylonJS!
So I will give a try as you said with EmissiveTexture in a single cube

Thanks :slight_smile: