Pbr custom shader failed to load

So this was working before, now it won’t load. I can’t spot anything that might be from the nightly build. console shows ‘varying’ : Illegal use of reserved word
Help ?


ok, so the pg works if the ‘varying’ keyword is now removed. Appears that some work is being done on shaderProcessor that’s breaking stuff. On my local machine, scene.render is throwing ‘computeShadowWithPCF5’ : no matching overloaded function found.

Gonna give it a few days for this to clear up. Cheers !

Sorry about that, we ll check with @Deltakosh ASAP :slight_smile: and yes it might be the new Processor breaking it.

This will get fixed today.

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It is due to the processing taking varying or attributes only on the line start not inside:

In your case the varying appears in the middle of the line:

uniform mat4 textureMatrix;varying vec2 vUv;

I guess we should expand this but I ll check with @Deltakosh later today to be sure we are doing it wisely :slight_smile:

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I’m on it ;D

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Another one for you, this one is from the doc on shadows:


console throws:
‘computeShadowWithPCF5’ : no matching overloaded function found
‘computeShadowWithPCSS64’ : no matching overloaded function found

Good catch! I’ll fix that asap

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