PBR Material: How to get it to work?

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Thank you for your answers, that’s very nice to feel supported.

So, although “real scene reflection” would be nice, what worries me right now is that I do not even get the IBL environment reflection… while I exported the scene with the Urban environment with the Blender exporter.

When I check the textures in the PBR material, everything seems fine; except that there is a metallic texture added; which I suppose is due to some peculiarity of BabylonJS?

Here is my scene:

After reading the thread here: Issues with PBR Material on BabylonJS version 4
I thought maybe this is the HDR image I use that is faulty, so I tried the setting used by @PatrickRyan in the PG he provided.

Here is the results:

Still no reflection…

To be honest, I start to think that BabylonJS does not use my roughness texture, because if I change the roughness value to 0, I do get IBL reflections; so the IBL does work, just the texture that is not working.
I checked the textures with the inspector, for some reason, BabylonJS added a metallic texture (that I did not have in Blender):
While the roughness texture (that I do have in Blender) has been replaced by a pure white:

If that can help here is my node setting in Blender:

@JCPalmer would it be possible that the exporter is replacing the roughness texture with a white texture?