PBR Material with 'subSurface.isScatteringEnabled' breaks the utilityLayer from the 3D GUI even when not assigned

A bug or not (but then, may be worth a warning in the doc). I spent several hours trying to understand why my 3D GUI was not showing anymore after updating a number of things in my scene. I updated sensitive parts with renderingGroups, Cameras, GL, HL and was also clearing the stencil, so I was certain I had been messing something with this. I ended up deconstructing the entire scene until I realized that the error came from a new PBR Material with property ‘subSurface.isScatteringEnabled’ set to ‘true’. The weird part (and why I didn’t spot it earlier) is that the material was not in use (understand unassigned).

Yup I ll definitely add it to the doc as it is a limitation of the post processes used with scatering