Babylon.js performance from different browsers

Hello babylon community,

do you have any problems with Safari and Firefox performance from BabylonJs?
I have a big FPS drop in Safari and Firefox (around 25 FPS)>

And in Chrome works perfect (60 fps stable)!

Do you have any ideas what can be cause for this FPS drops, and is this common for Babylon.js ?

Thank you very much.

Nope it is not common at least in Firefox which supports WebGL 2 correctly.

Could you repro in the playground ??? that said 3 214 572 indices is a LOT :slight_smile: and with 220 meshes if you do not freeze anything it is probably bottlenecked on the CPU/JS side.

This is a nice read about the most common way to optimize your scene:Optimizing Your Scene | Babylon.js Documentation

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From my experience Firefox is always more laggy than Chrome (unfortunately).

Also make sure hardware rendering is enabled. I think some other people had the problem in the past with Firefox and hardware rendering was disabled in some cases.

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If you are CPU/JS bound, Chrome will almost always win since V8 is faster compared to Firefox (SpiderMonkey) and Safari (JavaScriptCore) in that order.

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