Performance question: Clone vs creating new meshes

Performance wise, is it better to Clone meshes instead of creating new ones?
In my scene, I’d like to create several flowers on a loop. Could be 50, could be 200.
I tried cloning but finally added several meshes on a for loop.

I have a renderFlower function which adds elements together (trunk, sphere and petals).
Then I have a loop outside that function that simply creates the flowers according to the provided “amountOfFlowers” variable.

I’m working on a laptop without a good GPU, and I’m gettin 35 fps.
Would it be better if I Clone the flowers instead?

Thanks a lot

Clones are better in this case since all clones share the same geometry.
Instances are even better.
And, finally, if you would like to reduce draw calls number, thin instances are the best.
Docs - Copies, Clones, and Instancing | Babylon.js Documentation