PG screenshot rendering black in the docs

Do you want to want I am doing? :roll_eyes: I started to rewrite the setXxx method approach to typescript setters/getters for the mesh and for the plugin material respectively so they behave like all the other meshes and materials in BabylonJS. So no set method just property assignment… Thanks God my wife takes care of the luggages. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@sebavan has commented this difference in the repo and I agree, let’s have it unified. I don’t want to make the changes after it is two weeks out even if not officialy announced, so I am making the changes now.

May be you should stop what you’re doing and give her a hand :grin: I won’t tell you about the circumstances of my divorce :zipper_mouth_face: :rofl:

My wife is an angel dude! Like for real! She never ever argue with no one neither with me. On the other side she would be lost without me being sometimes like I am serving the dark side :roll_eyes: :joy:

You will not believe, she’s just passed by and asked me for the 4th time this week if I am willing to choose the pants I’d like to bring with me already. I just said, in an hour honey, maybe, and she just told OK, do what you need to do… I told you, an angel… She is overworried with the packing as I am with GreasedLine :stuck_out_tongue: :joy:

Edit: luggage packed, wife satisfied :joy:

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@roland please, do enjoy you well deserved time off !!! we ll adapt if necessary no worries :slight_smile: this is the beauty of a community :slight_smile:

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I just woke up. I had a dream. I was a Vampire killer. I badly needed to lay a brick. I climbed an old ladies house and jumped down on the other side of the house where she had according to her her secret super clean no one else allowed to use shiny backyard toilet. I pushed the old lady away from the door and then I woke up nearly shitting myself. So after taking a dump I am resolving conversations created by @Evgeni_Popov in the repo. :joy: :joy:

Only a few, I’ll resolve it quickly…

Thanks a lot!

I’m quite a proud asshole :smiley: so I’d like to release the first version by myself. You know, first one :smiley: Has to be only mine…

So if I can kindly ask make the reviews, request changes if any. I’ll be back and have computer access on 2nd of July already.

Thank you!


NW, in this case no one touches it but you and there is no rush !!! it can wait your come back :slight_smile: